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Hi, I'm Janette

My passion for travel could have easily begun in the backseat of my parents' old 1975 Chrysler when I was just a little girl and we took a road trip up the west coast of Florida. With the wind in my hair and the sun on my face, I remember feeling so free, wonder-filled and thrilled to be discovering someplace new.

My Story

By the time I was a teenager, our family road trips turned into international travel to South America and Europe. I was fascinated by the diverse landscapes, intriguing cultures, and culinary delights that ignited all my senses and left me yearning for more soul stirring adventures.

As a teacher, I wanted to share the positive impact of travel with my students so I began planning and leading group tours to Europe. As a result of their travels, these young people acquired a deeper appreciation for their lives, and a great respect for others and their culture. Travel allowed them to step out of their comfort zone and become more curious, confident, and compassionate human beings.

Married with two young adult children, I continue my dream of visiting charming and exotic lands.

Our first international trip was a mission trip to Nicaragua, followed by many other exhilarating and life changing experiences such as staying at a Buddhist temple in the mountains of Japan, swimming in the brilliantly illuminated Blue Grotto in Italy, zip-lining over the rainforest in Costa Rica, and getting in touch with our ancestry in Spain. My globetrotting adventures have taught me that travel is deeply transformative, and have inspired me to live my life with intention.

My love for travel and planning personalized trips for my family led me to doing the same for my friends and students. After a multitude of successful vacations planned, I decided to turn my talent into a career and received travel advisor training and certification. I turned my passion and expertise into a joyful, purposeful, and successful career in helping others discover the same joy of traveling to beautiful destinations, effortlessly and worry-free.

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A Few of My Favorite adventures

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Cruising on the Seine River at Dusk in Paris


Sailing on a Yacht Around the Greek Island of Milos


Soaking in the Soothing Hot Springs of Costa Rica


Exploring the Majesty of the Swiss Alps by Train


Wine Tasting in the Romantic Vineyards of Tuscany


Sleeping in a Buddist Temple in Japan

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